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Warranty Repair Form

Sometimes when your Brilliant fan is installed you may think there might be a problem. Before filling out a Warranty Repair Form please follow our troubleshooting guide to correct these common installation faults.

Customer Warranty Request Form

By filling out this form you authorise Brilliant to forward any electrical contractor charges that are incurred and not relating directly to a warrantable fault.

The following items are not covered by your Brilliant warranty:

  1. The presence of an intermittent humming noise that occurs due to variations in electrical supply. This noise can be caused by your hot water service, microwave or your electricity provider sending a ripple control signal in your area. This is not a product fault.
  2. A wobbling fan that has not been installed correctly or due to external influences, or has unaligned or mismatched blades. To remedy this please see our troubleshooting guide, link is at the top of the page.
  3. Corrosion such as rust or surface damage (known as tea staining). BEFORE installation, the stainless steel parts MUST BE TREATED with neutral oil, which must penetrate all the joints, after which, dry the area with a soft cloth. In extremely corrosive environments, the treatment with oil must be repeated at least 4 times a year. In case of serious corrosion, use an abrasive paste designed for stainless steel to remove the stain, then reapply the neutral oil again.
  4. Minor variations in speed on ceiling fans. This may be visible between products that are the same model. Some disparity in speed of ceiling fans is to be expected.
  5. Damage caused by power surges or fluctuations.
  6. Incorrect installation or installation from an unqualified and/or unregistered electrical contractor.
  7. Damage to the ceiling fan that does not use the supplied wall control and/or a Brilliant approved remote.
  8. If the Brilliant product has been exposed to the environment, incorrectly used, intentionally or accidently damaged.
  9. Motor sounds or vibrations caused by non-approved light fittings that are connected to a Brilliant ceiling fan.
  10. Damage to furnishings, walls, floors, structural, foundations or any other loss for damage either directly or indirectly derived from an unqualified installer attempting to install, modify or repair the product.