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LED Reflector Globes

STYLE: R63 or R80
COLOUR TEMP: 4200K Cool White
WATTAGE & LUMENS: R63: 8W, 750 Lumens
R80: 9W, 850 Lumens
BEAM ANGLE: 100 degress
LIFESPAN: 25,000 Hours
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Brilliant deliver direct LED replacements for standard incandescent/halogen/CFL R63 & R80 lamps. LED Reflectors offer fantastic energy savings vs traditional lamps and are perfect for long-burn areas in commercial, hospitality and residential applications. Together with the greater beam control possible with LED Reflectors, these are ideal replacements for standard incandescent or halogen lamps for accent, display or general lighting applications providing an accurate, focused beam with minimal wasted, extraneous light.

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LED Reflector Globe Datasheet  LED Reflector Globe Datasheet