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  • LED MR16 Globes

    INPUT: 12V, 50Hz
    WATTAGE: 5W or 6W
    BASE/s: GU5.3
    COLOUR TEMP: 3000K Warm White & 4000K Cool White
    LUMENS: 5W 3000K:380lm, 5W 4000K:430lm, 6W 3000K:480lm, 6W 4000K:540lm
    BEAM ANGLE: 60 Degrees
    CRI: >80
    LIFESPAN (APPROX): Up to 10,000 hours
    SIZE (mm): 5W: 50 Dia x 48.5 H, 6W: 50 Dia x 56.7 H

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    Brilliant’s MR16 LED Globes are an excellent cost efficient and energy saving, lighting option. Our globes give an output up to 460 lumens, with up to a 60 degree beam spread to light up your room. Available in either a soft and inviting warm white or crisp and clear cool white.
    LED globes are an ideal retro-fit solution as they can consume up to 85% less power. With an average life of 10,000 hours, they are long lasting and save you money, because you will buy replacements less often. When turned on, LED’s achieve full brightness in microseconds and radiate very little heat, so they do not cause damage to sensitive objects or fabrics.

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    LED MR16 5W Globe Datasheet  LED MR16 5W Globe Datasheet