RAMSIS Large LED Downlight

Rated for IC Abutted and Covered usage to allow for covering with thermal insulation

WATTAGE: 7W, 15W, 18W or 24W
COLOUR TEMP: 3000K Warm White, 4200K Cool White or 5000K Daylight
LUMENS: 13W 3000K: 780lm
13W 4200K: 800lm
15W 3000K: 950lm
15W 4200K: 980lm
18W 5000K: 1250lm
24W 5000K: 1600lm
BEAM ANGLE: 100 degrees
LIFESPAN: 30,000 hours
CUT-OUT SIZE: 13W: 120mm
15W: 140mm
18W: 160mm
24W: 200mm

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Product Description

Brilliant offers a range of LED recessed lights as replacements for common CFL fittings found in offices, hotels and other commercial environments.
Available in three popular colour temperatures, these utilise high quality SMD Array technology, which allows greater energy efficiencies and weight savings.
Lights and drivers are provided as a complete system ready to plug in with a SAA approved dimmable LED driver and flex & plug. A feature of these units is a very wide beam angle of 100 degrees, which means uniform lighting is assured.
These commercial LED downlights are available in four different cut-out sizes to suit most retrofit sizes and applications.
3 Year Warranty (Up to 30,000 hours)ยน.

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13W, 15W, 18W, 24W

Colour Temp

3000K Warm White, 4200K Cool White, 5000K Natural

Ramsis Datasheet  Ramsis Datasheet

18763_IESNA2002  18763_IESNA2002

18764_IESNA2002  18764_IESNA2002

18765_IESNA2002  18765_IESNA2002

18766_IESNA2002  18766_IESNA2002

18767_IESNA2002  18767_IESNA2002

18768_IESNA2002  18768_IESNA2002

Ramsis LED (18763-18764-18765-18766-18767-18768)  Ramsis LED (18763-18764-18765-18766-18767-18768)